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Install slink via plip

Hi, and a happy christmas,

I try to install a slink on a Toshiba Satellite 110-CT, but this laptop has
no cd-rom. Thus I try a plip installation, but without any results. The
problem is the parport isn't recognise, when I look at /proc/ioports,
there's no 378-37a : parport0. When I try to insmod the parport module, it
fails. I can't install the plip module because the parport module isn't
I don't understand why.
So I use a SuSE 6.1 on another laptop with a cdrom (this is my nfs server),
and the manipulation to configure my plip connection is strange :

### echo 7 > /proc/parport/0/irq
### modprobe plip
### ifconfig plip0 pointopoint

The document used to help me is a article in Linux Gazette, but there's no
explanations for the parport problem.

So, perhaps can you help me ?



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