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Re: vaio 505 install again

Luis Villa wrote:

> Ok- so I'm trying (yet again) to install Debian on my 505 from a 2.1
> (Slink) CD, and yet again, the process is failing.
> I suppose my first question should be: has anyone actually done this? I
> hvae read various accounts on the web of Debian installs on the 505, but
> they all seem to be either floppy based or dependent on a windows
> partition. So, again: has anyone actually installed from the CD?

I haven't done it from the CD, but here's how I did it from the floppy without

Booted the RedHat 6.0 net installation floppy (single floppy, very nice!),
partitioned the disk, installed the eepro100 module and configured the network.
Installed into the future swap partition.

Booted into the newly-installed RedHat, downloaded the Debian .tgz image.

Booted from the Debian floppy, installed from the .tgz image on the hard drive
into the proper partition without swap.

Booted into the newly-installed Debian, verified everything was working (net,
reboot, etc), when I was satisfied, did mkswap to the RedHat partition and
swapon, added the swap partition to /etc/fstab, voila!  Nice shiny Debian Vaio.


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