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Re: 2 questions

William Heindl <wheindl@mamacass.ucsd.edu> writes:

Bill> I've got one old and one new question.  First the new one:
Bill> 1. I'm trying to set up an Epson Color Stylus 740 printer.  I followed
Bill> the HOWTO and got the apsfilter package.  My problem is that this
Bill> package doesn't seem to have a filter for the Epson 740.  I tried the
Bill> only Epson filter that looked promising and it didn't work.  Can
Bill> anyone suggest a filter package that will support this printer.  I
Bill> know I have the hardware working because I can cat ascii to /dev/lp0
Bill> and it prints.

I've put the uniprint driver and a magicfilter script on my web page
at http://www.ece.cmu.edu/~tov/public/.
(It's easier to send URLs than attachements.)
  The values for the uniprint driver are taken from a posting by Dale
(DEPontius@usa.net).  You can check e.g. deja news for the original
  The magicfilter script just wraps around it to make sure ghostscript
is called with the right options.  These files should end up in:
(And lazy me should send this to the right people one day...)

You also need "if=/etc/magicfilter/stylus_color_740-filter" in your
/etc/printcap file.  Hmm, I may be forgetting something but this
should get you started.  Check docu for ghostview, magicfilter, and
LPRng.  Then ask me again if something doesn't work.

Bill> 2. I asked this before and got no response. I'm hoping it got lost in
Bill> to have mixed results.  Often, it seems like the card manager is out
Bill> to lunch, as I get no beeps upon unplugging and replugging.  Sometimes

I don't have much of a clue but sometimes may sound goes "out to
lunch" when the kernel daemon kills the sound module but the CD is
still playing...


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