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pcmcia ethernet cards


I should be getting DSL service in a few weeks so I
need to get an Ethernet pcmcia card for my Dell
Inspiron 7000. Are there any pcmcia ethernet cards
particularly recommended? Should I get or avoid a
cardbus card? Does anyone have experience with cards
that are ethernet + 56k modems? Are there any problems
using 2 ethernet cards in one machine, i.e., will the
card + wires both fit?

I'm planning the following setup:

- Dell Inspiron 7000, running Debian w/ firewall
options compiled into the kernel as the "permanently"
connected machine.

- On occassion, a second laptop will be networked with
the Dell, so it can also use the DSL connection [it
runs Windows 95].

- Rarely I'll need to bring the Dell with me places
and I'll want to use a modem.

With this in mind I think I may need 3 cards (please
correct me if I'm wrong -- I have never setup a
network before). One card for the DSL-Dell connection,
2 cards for the PC-PC connection [one each]. And I
guess one of the three card should be an ethernet +
modem. Obviously, this means 2 cards in the Dell.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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