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Re: Bleh! win modem on my presario 1920

It seems that almost all laptops come with win modems these days.  Can
anyone give hints as to which do not?  (Either no modem or real modem, I
just hate paying extra for a modem that won't work).

It seems that pcmcia modems are a nesessity.


On Wed, 29 Dec 1999, Charles Lewis wrote:

> I just spent christmas vacation configuring a laptop to dual boot (it's a
> shared office laptop). ran fips, installed base system from floppies and
> then used the cd that came with "Learn Debian GNU/Linux". Everything went
> pretty good (considering my ignorance) until some packages decided they
> didn't want to install. "No problem," I said. "I'll just configure my modem
> and connect to the internet to update the packages." About 4 hours later, I
> discover that my laptop has a win modem in it. :(
> I suppose all is not lost. I have a network card that I can use at work to
> connect to the LAN, but I must say that I was quite depressed. Not really
> any sense having a linux laptop that can't connect to the internet remotely.
> Are Win modems ever going to be supported? I suppose that is up to the
> manufacturers...bleh, how depressing.
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