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Re: Potato on laptops

> At 02:49 PM 12/17/1999 -0800, Drew Parsons wrote:
> >Did you try wvdial?  I found that that worked for me while pppd was
> >misconfigured.
> Just tried... and got some progress !
> The modem is dialing. And it goes online, but comes
> a message:
> 'Don't know what to do'
> 'Starting pppd and hoping for the best'
> Then I try to open Netscape and nothing.
> Do Ihave to add something in wvconfig ?
> >
> >Have you set up apt?   You have to enter the address of the ftp server you
> ...................
> >By the way
> >    apt-get dist-upgrade
> >will upgrade from slink to potato.
> Yes. I have already apt.
> /But of course untill I can't get online from Linux I can't do that.
> Thanks
> Dada

Actually, you could use MSwin to download raw debs that you want into
a section of your MSwin space,  mount them under linux as type vfat,
and use a file: URL in /etc/apt/sources.list

What I'm not quite clear on is how it gathers its package info, but I'm
sure someone else here will comment on that.  As a side thought, is anyone
cutting potato CDs?  If not, I see a market for it.  Debian Under Construction.
Make the djinni bottle yellow with the black diamond on it.  Or something. 

-* Heather Stern * Starshine Technical Services * star@starshine.org *-

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