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Re: 2 questions

> I am having trouble with the network going out on my
> IBM 560Z (300 MHz PII).  I am running Debian kernel 2.0.36-3,
> my eternet card is a 3Com 3C574-TX.  I use the computer
> mainly in a docking port which provides 2 extra PCMCIA slots.
> The problem occurs whether the network card is physically in
> the laptop or in the docking station.
> The symptom was originally that I would boot up in the morning
> and everything would work fine for about 2 hours.  Then the
> network would go away.  This is not a thermal problem, as it
> never happens under NT on this dual-boot machine.  Unplugging
> and reinserting the card seemed to have mixed results.  Often,
> it seems like the card manager is out to lunch, as I get no
> beeps upon unplugging and replugging.  Sometimes after a few
> minutes the network comes back, but it is very flaky
> thereafter.

I got a 3com ethernet+modem (FEM556B). The ethernet card works
on module 3c574_cs. My config is kernel-2.2.12+pcmcia-cs-3.1.2.
No problem encountered ever since initial setup.

Try pcmcia-cs-3.1.2 (or above). That should solve the problem.

Good luck!


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