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Re: vaio 505 install again

I remember having almost the same problem installing slink at home
(not on a laptop, though). Have you tried switching to a virtual 
terminal and mounting the partition yourself? That worked for me,
but it was really strange; it really looked like a bug in the

Good luck.

>>>>> Luis Villa <liv@duke.edu> writes:

Luis> 4) In response to this query, I am given a list of options (/dev/hdx, 
Luis> where x is a-h.) Not a single one of these work, each of them giving the 
Luis> response "The CD-ROM was not mounted successfully." I'm then returned to 
Luis> the "install operating system kernel and modules" option. Getting this 
Luis> over and over and over again... just isn't fun.

Germano Leichsenring
  Kobe University

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