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Debian GNU/Linux Supported Laptops?

Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year.

I am a reseller of COMPAQ, HP, IBM and Toshiba laptops,  and would like to 
know if their current products are compatible with Debian GNU/Linux ?

I have not found any reference to this on their respective homepages, and 
this question is important to potentially 450 units that 1 of my customers 
would like to purchase.

Looking forward to your reply(s), is it possible to get this before January 
5 2000?

Best Regards,

Gary Pinkerton
Senior Account Manager
Zycom Technology Inc.
Ph#	613-253-0077
Fax#	613-253-0044
Cell#	613-223-2956

Email: garypinkerton@zycomtec.com
Web page www.zycomtec.com

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