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Re: Debian on Sony 505TX

At 12:31 PM 11/5/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>I own a 505f, we use the TX at work all the time.
>The mouse is /dev/psaux (it is a ps/2 mouse).
>If I can help in anyway, please ask.
While installing and learning Debian still I keep doing
most of my work in the Windows partition, since I can't go online
from the Linux one.
How to configure the modem to go online with the 505 TX ?

Beyond my ideological afinity for what Linux represents,
I am getting tired of Windows. Several times happened that
after writing a long email, windows crashed before I sent it
and I had to start all over. So after installing and learning,
I really want to start USING Linux now.

Already got X working, and installed successfully some Window Managers,
like icewm, wm, enlightenment and kde.
But I can't go online from Linux.
Still going on line from Windows.
How to configure pppd so I can dial up?

My ISP dosn't have dialing software for Linux, but they gave me
a script to be set with kppp. I installed KDE and run kppp
and I get a message that pppd is not properly configured.

Any ideas?


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