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Re: Multifunction cards functioning... er, multiply?

In a message dated 11/30/99 2:08:04 PM Central Standard Time, MallarJ writes:

> I have a 3CXEM556B, which I can only assume is similar to your
>  3CXEM556.
>  I can use the modem and the ethernet port at the same time.  If I
>  recall correctly, the secret involved going into the BIOS setup
>  and disabling both (or possibly only one) of the onboard serial
>  ports that the laptop already has.

I have the 3CXEM556 card as well, and although I haven't (yet) gotten it set 
up to run under Linux, I do have it working under Win95, and have used both 
the network and modem jacks simultaneously - and I haven't had to disable the 
onboard ports to get it to work.  

So - it must be a kernel/pcmcia configuration issue.


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