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Re: Off screen

>>>>> "Drew" == Drew Parsons <dfparsons@ucdavis.edu> writes:

    Drew> You said earlier that you have no power management (APM) in
    Drew> your kernel.  Have you thought about recompiling the kernel
    Drew> with APM switched on?

    Drew> Can't promise it will help, but I can't think of anything
    Drew> else.

 I think that's the key.  When I first got my laptop, it wouldn't
 suspend and resume right, until I rebuilt with apm enabled.  Then
 everything worked fine.

 I had to grep the net for a version of phdisk.exe that would format a
 suspend partition for me...  It would be neat to have a phdisk.exe
 for Linux.

 I'd also like to be able to switch apm modes from X... on Windows,
 which was installed when I bought it, there was a toolbar for
 changing apm settings.  `kcmlaptop' is pretty good, but doesn't have
 as much control as that windows panel did.

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