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Need Floppies for Compaq

I live in ecuador, where the internet connections are very slow.  I want
to install Linux on an old Compaq Contura 430c I have, but it has no cd or
scsi port, only floppies and a pcmcia modem.  I would prefer a Redhat
variant, since that is what I have on my PowerbookG3, but Debian would be
okay too.
	I will be in the States from Dec 24th to Dec 30th.  Is there
anyone out there who would be willing to make a set of install floppies
for me, send them to my address, and wait until the first week of January
to receive a new set of blank floppies and a check (Bank of America,
nothing weird) for postage?  If so, please contact me off list right away
so we can arrange this.


Remember folks.  Street lights timed for 35 mph are also timed for 70
                -- Jim Samuels

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