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Re: floppy/ftp install anybody?

I have done this type of install multiple times at work with these old
(non-cd) laptops I have laying around.  I use the 9 disks (rescue, driver &
7 install) to get up to a 2.0 debian install with pcmcia NIC support.  I
then immediately do a potato upgrade and download the 2.2.13 kernel and
recompile.  Then I have to download and recompile the new pcmcia module.

With that done I am free to add X and whatever else I want t fiddle with.

If you want to keep slink then just do the disks install and once you can
see the internet apt-get everything else you want or use dselect and point
it to ftp as the install media as opposed to floppy or cd.

Good luck


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