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Re: ChemUSA (ASUS) 7300, Sound Problems (Yamaha)

On Thu, Dec 09, 1999 at 11:35:51AM +0100, Yann Vernier wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 09, 1999 at 02:45:38PM +0900, Astro D. Boy wrote:
> > Sound initialization started
> > OSS: OPL3-SA chip not found
> > Found OPL3-SAx (YMF719)
> > <MPU-401 0.0  Midi interface #1> at 0x330 irq 9 dma 0
> Frankly, I don't see the error. It says you don't have an OPL3-SA, but that it 
> found an OPL3-SAx (a slightly later chip) which it handles. Doesn't it work?

Yes, that's correct.  They drivers for OPL3-SA and OPL3-SAx are quite
different.  I found configuring sound for my machine (Toshiba 490CDT)
relatively complicated, but you can figure it out if you carefully read the
documentation with the kernel source (/usr/src/kernel-source/documentation/source).
It explains the difference between the chips.

An easier but more expensive solution is to buy commercial sound drivers
from OSS.  It costs about $20, and configures the sound card automatically.

But to check the state of your sound, type in
           cat /dev/sndstat
and see if everything's recognised properly.


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