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Re: floppy/ftp install anybody?

I've tried this without success but I'm not sure what
the problem is. Will this method work with DHCP? When
the install script asks for my IP address I just used
a made-up address that would be reasonable since I 
didn't know it. Second, what is the correct syntax
to use when the script asks for the site, base,
and location of the Debian files on the ftp site?


> I have done this type of install multiple times at work with these old
> (non-cd) laptops I have laying around.  I use the 9 disks (rescue, driver &
> 7 install) to get up to a 2.0 debian install with pcmcia NIC support.  I
> then immediately do a potato upgrade and download the 2.2.13 kernel and
> recompile.  Then I have to download and recompile the new pcmcia module.
> With that done I am free to add X and whatever else I want t fiddle with.
> If you want to keep slink then just do the disks install and once you can
> see the internet apt-get everything else you want or use dselect and point
> it to ftp as the install media as opposed to floppy or cd.
> Good luck
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