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Re: Yamaha Sound (Was ChemUSA/ASUS 7300)

Drew Parsons wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 09, 1999 at 03:12:14PM -0500, John_J_Neff@colad.com wrote:
> > True VERY true, I have Debian on a desktop and I was convinced the sound
> > was horked.  BUT NO.  I just had to turn the sound WAYYY UP!
> >
> > I was interested in waht type of mixer software I could use to turn it up
> > from teh PC prior to reaching the speakers.  Ay other suggestions on mixer
> > software?  (Sorry this is a little off latops per-se but it is on topic...)
> >
> >
> The "standard" (?) sound mixer that comes with debian is called xfmix, and
> runs as "mixer" from the Debian menu under X (submenu: sound).

> There should be a way of setting the volume by default when the sound
> module is started up (an entry in /etc/modules/sound, perhaps?), but I
> haven't figured this out yet.  Anyone know how?

What I do, which should work if you are running Gnome, is to put a
volume slider on my panel. I just have to turn that up and everything
works after that. 


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