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Bleh! win modem on my presario 1920

I just spent christmas vacation configuring a laptop to dual boot (it's a
shared office laptop). ran fips, installed base system from floppies and
then used the cd that came with "Learn Debian GNU/Linux". Everything went
pretty good (considering my ignorance) until some packages decided they
didn't want to install. "No problem," I said. "I'll just configure my modem
and connect to the internet to update the packages." About 4 hours later, I
discover that my laptop has a win modem in it. :(

I suppose all is not lost. I have a network card that I can use at work to
connect to the LAN, but I must say that I was quite depressed. Not really
any sense having a linux laptop that can't connect to the internet remotely.

Are Win modems ever going to be supported? I suppose that is up to the
manufacturers...bleh, how depressing.

Charles Lewis, Director of Administrative Computing
Southwestern Adventist University, Keene, TX
(817)556-4720  lewisc@swau.edu  FAX (360)397-7952

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