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2 questions

I've got one old and one new question.  First the new one:

1. I'm trying to set up an Epson Color Stylus 740 printer.  I followed
the HOWTO and got the apsfilter package.  My problem is that this
package doesn't seem to have a filter for the Epson 740.  I tried the
only Epson filter that looked promising and it didn't work.  Can
anyone suggest a filter package that will support this printer.  I
know I have the hardware working because I can cat ascii to /dev/lp0
and it prints.

2. I asked this before and got no response. I'm hoping it got lost in
the bit bucket.  I am having trouble with the network going out on my
IBM 560Z (300 MHz PII).  I am running Debian kernel 2.0.36-3, my
eternet card is a 3Com 3C574-TX.  I use the computer mainly in a
docking port which provides 2 extra PCMCIA slots.  The problem occurs
whether the network card is physically in the laptop or in the docking

The symptom was originally that I would boot up in the morning and
everything would work fine for about 2 hours.  Then the network would
go away.  This is not a thermal problem, as it never happens under NT
on this dual-boot machine.  Unplugging and reinserting the card seemed
to have mixed results.  Often, it seems like the card manager is out
to lunch, as I get no beeps upon unplugging and replugging.  Sometimes
after a few minutes the network comes back, but it is very flaky

I thought I solved the problem the other day by adding the line:


to my pcmcia.conf file.  This has improved things, apparently.  I went
for a day and a half after making this change before it failed again.  

Any ideas?  Should I update my kernel to potato?  Hope I'm not doing
anything dumb, as I'm new to Linux (but not unix).   

Another possibility would be to figure out how to use the network
adapter that is built into my docking port.  Is there documentation
somewhere for such things?

Thanks in advance,


Dr. William A. Heindl
CASS/UCSD-0424       email: biff@ucsd.edu
9500 Gilman Dr.	     phone: (858)534-8016  fax: (858)534-2294
La Jolla, CA 92093   www:   http://mamacass.ucsd.edu:8080/people/wheindl.html

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