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Re: Install slink via plip

> From: "Di Prétoro Emmanuel" <e.dipretoro@skynet.be>
> Date: Sat, 25 Dec 1999 14:17:43 +0100
> Resent-From: debian-laptop@lists.debian.org
> Hi, and a happy christmas,
> I try to install a slink on a Toshiba Satellite 110-CT, but this laptop has
> no cd-rom. Thus I try a plip installation, but without any results. The
> problem is the parport isn't recognise, when I look at /proc/ioports,
> there's no 378-37a : parport0. When I try to insmod the parport module, it
> fails. I can't install the plip module because the parport module isn't
> charged
> I don't understand why.

Interesting. I just installed slink onto a Compaq LTE 5300 laptop
yesterday via PLIP, and there were some things that left me
wondering too, but I did get it working.

First of all, since slink uses a 2.0.38 kernel, there is no parport
module--that's a 2.2 thing. 

Also, the PLIP device numbers are different--plip0 is at 0x3bc, plip1
is at 0x378, and plip2 is at 0x278.

If you have the slink installer set up PLIP, it will do almost
everything correctly, except it uses 'plip' instead of 'plip1'. Edit
the /etc/init.d/network script to fix this. Is this a bug?

> So I use a SuSE 6.1 on another laptop with a cdrom (this is my nfs server),
> and the manipulation to configure my plip connection is strange :
> ### echo 7 > /proc/parport/0/irq
> ### modprobe plip
> ### ifconfig plip0 pointopoint

The main difference to configuring a plip link under 2.0.x is the
device naming and that you have to run 'route' (2.2.x automatically sets 
up some IP routes).

> The document used to help me is a article in Linux Gazette, but there's no
> explanations for the parport problem.
> So, perhaps can you help me ?
> Regards,
> Manu

My hacked-up /etc/init.d/network looked something like this (I'm not
100% sure, since I tweaked some more when I upgraded to potato):

#! /bin/sh
ifconfig lo
route add -net
ifconfig plip1 ${IPADDR} pointopoint ${GATEWAY} netmask ${NETMASK} \
broadcast ${BROADCAST}
route add ${GATEWAY} dev plip1
[ "${GATEWAY}" ] && route add default gw ${GATEWAY} metric 1

Hope this helps,


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