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Re: 2 questions


Had that same machine/adapter/docking station back at my last company.
What I ended up doing (which worked on that one) was applying the Intell
100B driver for the docking station ehternet port. Never had a problem.
Except when I needed network while moving, so I got a pcmcia card to
drop in the slot. I doesn't run under pcmcia card services, just regular
PCI drivers.

And it worked great. I never used those pcmcia slots under linux though. 


William Heindl wrote:
> I've got one old and one new question.  First the new one:
> 1. I'm trying to set up an Epson Color Stylus 740 printer.  I followed
> the HOWTO and got the apsfilter package.  My problem is that this
> package doesn't seem to have a filter for the Epson 740.  I tried the
> only Epson filter that looked promising and it didn't work.  Can
> anyone suggest a filter package that will support this printer.  I
> know I have the hardware working because I can cat ascii to /dev/lp0
> and it prints.
> 2. I asked this before and got no response. I'm hoping it got lost in
> the bit bucket.  I am having trouble with the network going out on my
> IBM 560Z (300 MHz PII).  I am running Debian kernel 2.0.36-3, my
> eternet card is a 3Com 3C574-TX.  I use the computer mainly in a
> docking port which provides 2 extra PCMCIA slots.  The problem occurs
> whether the network card is physically in the laptop or in the docking
> station.
> The symptom was originally that I would boot up in the morning and
> everything would work fine for about 2 hours.  Then the network would
> go away.  This is not a thermal problem, as it never happens under NT
> on this dual-boot machine.  Unplugging and reinserting the card seemed
> to have mixed results.  Often, it seems like the card manager is out
> to lunch, as I get no beeps upon unplugging and replugging.  Sometimes
> after a few minutes the network comes back, but it is very flaky
> thereafter.
> I thought I solved the problem the other day by adding the line:
> PCIC_OPTS="extra_sockets=1"
> to my pcmcia.conf file.  This has improved things, apparently.  I went
> for a day and a half after making this change before it failed again.
> Any ideas?  Should I update my kernel to potato?  Hope I'm not doing
> anything dumb, as I'm new to Linux (but not unix).
> Another possibility would be to figure out how to use the network
> adapter that is built into my docking port.  Is there documentation
> somewhere for such things?
> Thanks in advance,
> Biff
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