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Re: pcmcia ethernet cards

*- On  2 Dec, David Corbin wrote about "re: pcmcia ethernet cards"
> the brand that you don't have to buy replacements for.  OTOH, I
> also have a Xircom Realport.  Now THAT is nice.  Unfortunately, its
> not quite working right under Linux.

I have a Xircom Realport RBE-100BTX that seems to work well for me.
Although it has been a while since my laptop has been booted into
Debian(don't ask).  I was using slink with updated 2.2.12 kernel and
updated pcmcia-cs packages(sorry don't remember the version #).  The in
card plug is nice but I am not looking foward to the time when I may
need to use both pcmcia slots.  

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