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Re: 2.2 kernel "flavors" needed for i386 -- any list?

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, Drew Parsons wrote:

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 : The only thing against it I can think of is the length of time it takes to
 : compile the whole kernel compared with the time it takes to just compile
 : pcmcia-modules.  Pcmcia seems to be updated a lot more frequently than the
 : kernel, and it could be a hassle having to recompile the entire kernel every
 : time just to update the pcmcia modules.

Color me ignorant, but I don't undersand this argument.  Can't you
recompile modules without recompiling the kernel?  I know I can :)

It doesn't matter if the modules came bundled with the kernel source, or
as a seperate package AFAICT ...

Of course my argument is shot to hell if you aren't compling PCMCIA as
modules.  Which laptops need PCMCIA support before modules can be

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