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Re: pcmcia ethernet cards

On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, Larry Clapp wrote:

> Just by the way, you don't *have* to have three cards.  I have a
> setup vaguely similar to the one you've described, at least as
> far as how the network looks:
>                            desktop machine (IP addr from DHCP)
>     cable modem --- hub --<
>                            laptop machine (IP
> I use the desktop machine as the router with only one ethernet
> card.  The routing tables may look a bit odd, but it does work,
> and the collisions on the network are not as high as you might
> think -- 

Clever hack!

[ ... ]

> The big disadvantage to this setup is that, since the desktop
> machine gets its IP address from dhcp, occasionally it changes.
> (I leave it on all the time, though, so that doesn't happen very
> often.)  When that happens, you have to change your routing
> tables and your /etc/hosts file.  I do it by hand, but perhaps
> one day I'll automate it.  It only happens once every few months,
> so it hasn't annoyed me enough, yet.  :)

Once upon a time there was a way to "alias" multiple addresses to one
physical interface.  I expect one can still do this, but I have
forgotten the exact command.

Aliasing your desktop's ethernet would give you a stable address for your
laptop to use as a gateway!


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