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Re: 2 questions

On Thu, Dec 09, 1999 at 09:10:49AM -0800, William Heindl wrote:
> 2. I asked this before and got no response. I'm hoping it got lost in
> the bit bucket.  I am having trouble with the network going out on my
> IBM 560Z (300 MHz PII).  I am running Debian kernel 2.0.36-3, my
> eternet card is a 3Com 3C574-TX.  I use the computer mainly in a
> docking port which provides 2 extra PCMCIA slots.  The problem occurs
> whether the network card is physically in the laptop or in the docking
> station.
> The symptom was originally that I would boot up in the morning and
> everything would work fine for about 2 hours.  Then the network would
> go away.  This is not a thermal problem, as it never happens under NT
> on this dual-boot machine.  Unplugging and reinserting the card seemed
> to have mixed results.  Often, it seems like the card manager is out
> to lunch, as I get no beeps upon unplugging and replugging.  Sometimes
> after a few minutes the network comes back, but it is very flaky
> thereafter.

I have a 3C574TX board I got for my old laptop  (which I haven't really used 
for months). The card seems to work fine, as long as it can get enough memory 
space for its I/O. Only problem I had was with chipset caching of the "reserved
space" between 640K and 1M, and that was fixed in the BIOS setup. It still has 
one odd point though; unlike the modem (which doesn't need MMIO, but ordinary
IO), it sometimes won't work. The problem always seems to be the pcmcia daemon
detecting the memory wrong. I haven't been able to fix that, but the solution 
for me was simply restarting the daemons. Note that when this happens, the 
symptoms are:
1. Start PCMCIA daemons (nothing special)
2. Insert network card
3. cardmgr does a memory probe, gets it wrong, maps the card where it can't
   read the ID and beeps low
4. cardmgr sleeps until the card is ejected, and beeps low twice more

Since the memory probe is only done once (the first time a PC card is inserted)
I have to stop and start the cardmgr completely. No big deal for me. 

However, your problem seems to be another. I wish you good luck with it; all 
I can say is that the 574 has worked for days at an end in my noname laptop.

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