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Re: Boot Failed with Debian >= 2; Toshiba

Hi Nebu,

On Tue, Dec 21, 1999 at 04:50:47PM -0500, Nebu John Mathai wrote:
> I've been using Debian 1.3 on my Tosh. T1960CS notebook for over a
> year and decided to reinstall Debian 2.1 on it.  However when I boot off
> the rescue disk (all permutations of rescue disks, dd'd off multiple
> machines onto multiple disks to attempt to rule out the bad disk/bad drive
> phenomena) I get a simple: "Boot Failed". 
> I've seen a similar message on this list's archives, but the difference is
> Debian 1.3 does work for me. I can dump the 1.3 rescue image and install
> it with no problems.

That happened to me in a Sat2100CDS. The problem has something to do with
the Toshibas and A20 address line. You need to use a zImage kernel because
bzImage kernels don't work. Some people seem to get around the problem by
disabling the cache in the BIOS. I did it (out of luck) by using the
Half Power setting (don't ask me why it works :).

> Is there a fix for this? Is there any way I can roll my own rescue disk,
> or even just modify a 1.3 rescue disk to install 2.1?

If you use the "tecra" disks you should be able to boot. After that you can
recompile your kernel using "make zImage" instead of "make bzImage" and
it should work fine.

Hope it helps.
Ruben Leote Mendes - ruben@doctor.com

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