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Re: vaio 505 install again

At 11:18 PM 12/17/1999 -0500, Luis Villa wrote:
>Ok- so I'm trying (yet again) to install Debian on my 505 from a 2.1 
>(Slink) CD, and yet again, the process is failing. 
>I suppose my first question should be: has anyone actually done this?

I have a Sony 505TX and I already installed Slink.

Not that I can give you much advice, I am just learning Linux,
and still I have not been able to use the modem or sound in Linux.

But got Slink installed, and X also, and it runs nicelly in the vaio.

I started the installation with flopies first, because I also
couldn't boot from the CD. But as soon as the base was running,
it automatically recognized the CD, so I kept installing packages
with dselect (which I am still learning) fromthe CD's.

Good luck.

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