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RE: floppy/ftp install anybody?

On 17-Dec-1999 Vasanth Rakasi wrote:
> I'm planning to install Debian on an old IBM ThinkPad
> (75MHz Pentium, 540MB HD, 8 MB RAM) which does NOT
> have a CD-ROM drive. It has a floppy drive. I'm
> looking for any information that I can find on doing
> the install
> through floppy disks or ftp. I would appreciate it if
> you have (or someone who you know has) done this and
> are willing to share the experience (steps/install
> procedure, pitfalls that I should look out for,
> suggestions, etc). Thanks.

look in <mirror>/debian/dists/unstable/main/disks-i386/current/

you need resc1440.bin, root.bin, drv14-{1,2,3}.bin, and all of the base14-*.bin

there is a html doc in the top level that explains this

a ftp method is being written, nfs currently exists

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