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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Supported Laptops?

On Mon, Dec 27, 1999 at 01:53:09PM -0500, Gary Pinkerton wrote:

> I am a reseller of COMPAQ, HP, IBM and Toshiba laptops,  and would like to 
> know if their current products are compatible with Debian GNU/Linux ?

You can look up specific laptop models at:

AFAIK if a laptop will work with any distribution, it will work with

> I have not found any reference to this on their respective homepages, and 
> this question is important to potentially 450 units that 1 of my customers 
> would like to purchase.

It's always good to let the manufacturer know in some way that you are
planning to run Linux on the system.  Returning the bundled proprietary OS 
media and license for a refund is one way, but you could just write them 
a letter.

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