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Re: unresolved symbols in pcmcia modules v3.1.6

On Thu, Dec 16, 1999 at 09:31:24AM +0900, M. Miller wrote:
> Hello,
> I get those errors at dmesg/bootup whenever i compiled a new kernel but
> didn't compile pcmcia to go with it. You may want to go back into the
> pcmcia sources and type debian/rules build-binary
> that should make a .deb package that is built against your kerneal source
> tree..also since its a .deb you can keep track of it with dpkg..
> just for added measure, you may want to also rerun the configure script
> before using debian/rules

Well, as I said in my reply to Andrew, as far as I can see I was compiling
pcmcia using the same kernel config I compiled the kernel with.  I even
replaced .config with a copy lying around with the proper label for my
custom kernel. 

I think I'll wait and see how many others have problems with the new pcmcia
version, and if it's working for everyone else then I might as well just
upgrade the kernel to 2.2.13 and save worrying about kernel consistency.

By the way, how many Debian laptop users are on potato and keep up to date
with the latest packages?


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