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Re: unresolved symbols in pcmcia modules v3.1.6

Drew Parsons wrote:
> I have a weird problem compiling the latest pcmcia modules (for pcmcia-cs
> 3.1.6-1).

I think this happens when the kernel version you have compiled doesn't
_exactly_ match the pcmcia modules version.  The funny extension names
are there for uniqueness deliberately.

I get a pcmcia to match my kernel by doing a:

	make menuconfig
	make-kpkg kernel_image
	cd ../modules/pcmcia-cs
	debian/rules binary-modules

Well, there's probably a more 'correct' way, but that always works for
me, and it _won't_ work if I do the pcmcia modules before building the
kernel, for example - I'll get error messages similar to the ones you
are reporting.

					Andrew McMillan
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