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Boot Failed with Debian >= 2; Toshiba


I've been using Debian 1.3 on my Tosh. T1960CS notebook for over a
year and decided to reinstall Debian 2.1 on it.  However when I boot off
the rescue disk (all permutations of rescue disks, dd'd off multiple
machines onto multiple disks to attempt to rule out the bad disk/bad drive
phenomena) I get a simple: "Boot Failed". 

I've seen a similar message on this list's archives, but the difference is
Debian 1.3 does work for me. I can dump the 1.3 rescue image and install
it with no problems.

Is there a fix for this? Is there any way I can roll my own rescue disk,
or even just modify a 1.3 rescue disk to install 2.1?

2.0 gives the same problem.

Thanks for your help, and advice!

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