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Re: Debian Slink on Toshiba 2100CDS X-Screen update

On Thu, Dec 23, 1999 at 11:17:56PM -0800, Heather wrote:
> Actually, you can have two fairly close modes, and all that really matters
> is that they are labelled differently (most modenames are res' names but this
> isn't required at all).  So, you can have your original modeline for 800x600,
> insert the vidtuned setting that makes your monitor even happier and call the
> second "800x600a" -- then switch between them.   Two problems solved at once;
> improving the looks of the monitor as well as the LCD, and getting the modes
> to otherwise pretty much stay the same.

And if you don't use an external monitor, you can use the same modeline
two times to switch between them, p.e. with
    Modes       "800x600" "800x600"
> > So, in short:                                                     
> > - define two modes for the display depth in XF86Config.          
> > - when you start X, switch output sources with Fn-F5 and then   
> > - resyncronize the screen switching modes; you need to do this also when  
> >   you resume from an "apm -s".                                           
> I wonder if asapm or any of the other X-based apm tools could help you with 
> this trouble, by keying an extra action into the resume event.

I'm using wmapm, but it only show the battery status, and call "apm" to
suspend; I wish to know if anyone have a trick to call "xvidtune" when
resuming from suspend.


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