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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Supported Laptops?

> I am a reseller of COMPAQ, HP, IBM and Toshiba laptops,  and would like to 
> know if their current products are compatible with Debian GNU/Linux ?
> I have not found any reference to this on their respective homepages, and 
> this question is important to potentially 450 units that 1 of my customers 
> would like to purchase.

 IBM Thinkpads, from the ancient 486 to present, run Debian GNU/Linux quite
qell with one exception in two parts:

 the mwavesoundcard/modem device doesn't work in linux.   First part- the
soundcard, can be worked-around by loading some files in a dos boot up and the
using loadlin to boot linux. 
	The SEcodn part is AFAIK, still unsolved, though there is still hope
that IBM will come out and give us the info to build drivers for both devices.

	Current uptime for my Thinkpad: 12 days, 15hours, 03 minutes. :)


	"That which does not kill us,
makes us quote Nietzsche."
   Don Webb

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