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Re: mail signature

On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, Drew Parsons wrote:

> What I want to be able to do, basically is to be able to choose myself when
> I do and do not want my .signature file to be appended to an email (I
> usually only want to do that if I'm writing on official business).  Does any
> one know of the best way to arrange this?
> I believe Netscape has the option of choosing when to use the signature, but
> I'm using mutt, which either uses a defined signature, or not.  I can define
> what file to use for the signature, and therefore could write a little
> script to handle it for me, but before I do that I want to know if it's
> already been done.  I know there are sig programs for generating random
> signatures (with varying quotations or whatever), but that's not exactly
> what I want. 
> I'll be interested if anyone has got their signature working in this way.
> Drew

Pine 4.21 (And a few before this) have the option of defining
"Roles."  Based on normal sorts of filter criteria, (From, To, Subject and
Body) contents, Pine can make replies have different signatures, reply-to
addresses, from addresses, and saving behavior.  You can also choose a
role during a normalk compose.  I think this is exactly what you want,
except that it is pine, not mutt.


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