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Re: Potato on laptops

>Drew Parsons wrote:
>> By the way, how many Debian laptop users are on potato and keep up to date
>> with the latest packages?

I use my laptop with Slink and Win98 50-50.

Still I have not been able to get the modem or sound card to work
under Linux on my Sony Vaio 505 TX.

I have tried xisp as somebody suggested here, and I get a message
' pppd returned 1!' when I try to dial.

I have tried kppp and I got the message
'pppd is not properly installed!'

I have the feeling that upgrading to potato may help.

At 10:10 PM 12/16/1999 +1300, Andrew McMillan wrote:
>I use my laptop about 90% under potato and 10% Win98. 

> I do a 'dselect
>update; apt-get -fudy dselect-upgrade' every morning and generally

How do you do that ..?  I am new Linux user. 


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