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Re: Error compiling PCMCIA modules

On Thu, Dec 02, 1999 at 05:13:30PM +0100, Raph wrote:
> Well, seems like you are trying to build a kernel package (that is,
> standard kernel+modules). I do not remember well how this is done
> properly, but what I'm sure, is that it is not the proper way to build the
> pcmcia-cs package. They are different.
> For the pcmcia-cs, I simply got the sources of the package
> (dsc+orig.tar.gz) included in Slink, and unpacked them in /usr/src/modules
> (which seems to be the right directory for this), with command
>     dpkg-source -x (....)/pcmcia*.dsc
> (This creates a directory where you launched the command.)

Possibly true!   Compiling via 'make-kpkg --revision custom modules_image'
is the "correct" procedure for creating the package pcmcia-modules.

Sebastian, did you get the pcmcia source from the pcmcia-cs package or from
the pcmcia-modules package? They are in fact two different things, and I
think you want the latter.  You shouldn't need to recompile pcmcia-cs as
such for the kernel since it's only the modules that the kernel is
interested in (though you need both for pcmcia to run).
What I do is download the pcmcia-cs package (since I can't access it if I'm
shutting down pcmcia), and the source for pcmcia-modules.  I compile the
modules, then I dpkg -i both packages.

Apart from that, double-check you have debian/rules for both the kernel
source *and* for pcmcia-cs (which comes from pcmcia-modules, confusing, huh?)

Bonne chance!


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