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Re: Debian Slink on Toshiba 2100CDS X-Screen update

> %   Whenever you switch output sources with Fn-F5 or similar, the  
> %   Xserver won't get informed and pixel clock and other settings are 
> %   wrong.  Because of this you have to switch modes _after_ switch  
> %   output sources!  Then the server will check which outputs are active
> %   and select the correct clocks etc.  So the recommended key sequence 
> %   to switch output is                                                
> %                                                                     
> %       Fn-F5  Ctrl-Alt-Plus  Ctrl-Alt-Minus                         
> %                                                                   
> %   and everything should be ok..                                  
> %                                                                 
> %   on the Toshiba keypad you can first hold down Ctrl-Alt, then press 
> %   `Fn' additionally before pressing Plus/Minus too to avoid to      
> %   explicitly enable/disable the numeric keypad for mode switching. 
> And for this to work, you need to define at less two modes for the  
> display depth you are using (if you have only 800x600 you can't switch
> modes).                                                             

Actually, you can have two fairly close modes, and all that really matters
is that they are labelled differently (most modenames are res' names but this
isn't required at all).  So, you can have your original modeline for 800x600,
insert the vidtuned setting that makes your monitor even happier and call the
second "800x600a" -- then switch between them.   Two problems solved at once;
improving the looks of the monitor as well as the LCD, and getting the modes
to otherwise pretty much stay the same.

> So, in short:                                                     
> - define two modes for the display depth in XF86Config.          
> - when you start X, switch output sources with Fn-F5 and then   
> - resyncronize the screen switching modes; you need to do this also when  
>   you resume from an "apm -s".                                           

I wonder if asapm or any of the other X-based apm tools could help you with 
this trouble, by keying an extra action into the resume event.

> - when you exit X, you will need to switch output sources with Fn-F5 
>   (scrolling makes random horizontal lines if you don't do it).  
> Yes, it's an ugly workaround, but it work for me.               
> -- 
> David

Hope my stuff helps.  Merry xmas.

-* Heather Stern * Starshine Technical Services * star@starshine.org *-

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