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Ecuador LUG? [Was: Re: Need Floppies for Compaq]

Adam Price wrote:
> I live in ecuador, where the internet connections are very slow.  I want
> to install Linux on an old Compaq Contura 430c I have, but it has no cd or
> scsi port, only floppies and a pcmcia modem.  I would prefer a Redhat
> variant, since that is what I have on my PowerbookG3, but Debian would be
> okay too.
>         I will be in the States from Dec 24th to Dec 30th.  Is there
> anyone out there who would be willing to make a set of install floppies
> for me, send them to my address, and wait until the first week of January
> to receive a new set of blank floppies and a check (Bank of America,
> nothing weird) for postage?  If so, please contact me off list right away
> so we can arrange this.

Have you tried to contact: http://reicyt.org.ec/linux/ ???

They may have what you need closer than you think!!! ;-)


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