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Re: 2.2.12 kernel apm

shaleh> On 07-Dec-1999 Adam Shand wrote:
shaleh> > 
shaleh> >> Please explain exactly how to do this.
shaleh> >>

shaleh> my understanding is that the kernel must be patched to do
shaleh> this.  So the debian kernel tree will work, the upstream one
shaleh> may not.

shaleh> When you try to compile your own kernel, use make menuconfig.
shaleh> The options are clear, and you can choose help for most of
shaleh> them.

assuming here that a debian system is being used, i recommend the fine
package kernel-package which will facilitate creating a debian package
(so manageable by dselect/dpkg) of a new kernel.

instructions on the use of this package are available in the README.gz
file which is included in the documentation directory of the package.

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