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Re: Off screen

> Hello,
> News from my problem:
> It happens only when X Windows is ran for root (startx).
> No problem with a normal user.
> "Strange, you said strange, how strange it is".
> -- 
> au revoir,
> Gilles Lamiral. France, Rennes (35).

Hmmm.  If you create a brand-new "dummy" user, does it have the problem?
For that matter, does it run the same window manager as the root user?
Perhaps it is a problem with dotfiles in the root user's home directory,
or specifically with the wm that root runs.

It's pretty unlikely to be permissions, unless the fact that plain users
*can't* do something is defending you.

strace might be called for at this point... except, I can't think of a way
to force it to sync, so that the crash would reveal something useful :(
Magic SysRq only works if you're at a console;  the problem happens at an
X session.  sigh.

-* Heather Stern * Starshine Technical Services * star@starshine.org *-

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