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RE: pcmcia ethernet cards

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If I were you I would get an old 486 ( http://www.retrobox.com for as
little as $35 ) or PentiumI and put 95 on it and let your provider
set up the dsl to it.  This is what I did before Bellsouth came to
set up mine.  Then I would create an LRP boot floppy and make the box
into a linux-router.  The Linux Router Project is based on Debian see



http://lrp.c0wz.com .  

The latter has howto's about setting up a linux-router for cable
modems and xDSL.  You'll also need a hub, but they can be had cheaply
as well, Netgear 4-port 34.99 in latest Datacom Warehouse (
http://www.warehouse.com ).  Then you can plug your laptops into the
hub and have access to the xDSL line through the router.  This will
also let you set up a firewall to protect your other machines.  If
the router gets cracked, put your LRP boot floppy back in and reboot.
 LRP runs in ram so nothing a cracker does to the router would be
permanent.  You might also want to take a look at coyote linux which
is based on LRP at 


As far as the pcmcia card, I just ordered a linksys pcmcia card from
techonweb ( http://www.techonweb.com ) for $34.  Linksys boxes say
they work with linux, and friend of mine says they work great.  I've
got all 3com stuff right now.  The card isn't listed on the techonweb
site, but I found it via


and made my purchase via their 800 number.  And no, I don't work for
any of these folks, not even any commissions.

Charles H. Baker
Manager Student Microcomputer Labs
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> From: Richard Weil [mailto:rcweil@yahoo.com]
> Sent: Thursday, December 02, 1999 11:37 AM
> To: debian-laptop
> Subject: pcmcia ethernet cards
> Hi,
> I should be getting DSL service in a few weeks so I
> need to get an Ethernet pcmcia card for my Dell
> Inspiron 7000. Are there any pcmcia ethernet cards
> particularly recommended? Should I get or avoid a
> cardbus card? Does anyone have experience with cards
> that are ethernet + 56k modems? Are there any problems
> using 2 ethernet cards in one machine, i.e., will the
> card + wires both fit?
> I'm planning the following setup:
> - Dell Inspiron 7000, running Debian w/ firewall
> options compiled into the kernel as the "permanently"
> connected machine.
> - On occassion, a second laptop will be networked with
> the Dell, so it can also use the DSL connection [it
> runs Windows 95].
> - Rarely I'll need to bring the Dell with me places
> and I'll want to use a modem.
> With this in mind I think I may need 3 cards (please
> correct me if I'm wrong -- I have never setup a
> network before). One card for the DSL-Dell connection,
> 2 cards for the PC-PC connection [one each]. And I
> guess one of the three card should be an ethernet +
> modem. Obviously, this means 2 cards in the Dell.
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Richard
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Charles H. Baker
Manager Student Microcomputer Labs
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