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Re: Bleh! win modem on my presario 1920

I forgot to mention that about a week ago I posted a message to the Compaq
support forum asking about Linux support for this modem. However, it is
moderated and I have not seen it appear on the forum. I wonder if it got
censored out or they haven't had the time to answer it yet. Maybe since it
is a Lucent modem (I think), there are other issues involved.

BTW, the Linux laptop site is excellent. I notified the maintainer of the
presario 1920 page about the winmodem problem (he had not configured his
modem since he had LAN access) as I felt that it would be of interest to
anyone thinking of installing linux on their 1920.

Charles Lewis, Director of Administrative Computing
Southwestern Adventist University, Keene, TX
(817)556-4720  lewisc@swau.edu  FAX (360)397-7952

> ...
> > Are Win modems ever going to be supported? I suppose that is up to the
> > manufacturers...bleh, how depressing.
> ...
> Hi,
> *winmodem* support seems to come up in these days. Some further
> information, where to find the driver an 'uncomplete' list of
> laptops with internal modems, and some other useful links you
> may find at my "Linux on Laptops with Internal Modems" page.
> http://www.snafu.de/~wehe/modem_linux.html
> Cheers
> -werner-

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