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Active Software-based file replication Adding a "Date" header with Exim 4 ADSL Modem-Router and VPN any proper documentation to reference for server installation apache/php quota prob automatic slave Re: Backups between servers Bridging can I do network teaming on dell 2850 with debian woody can iptables distinguish difference between domains? Changeroot for PHP? courier and multiple Mailbox Servers Courier or Cyrus Debian based remote office support Debian on HP Proliant ML350 Re: Distributing crypto work away from apache-ssl? DNAT-Port forward to internal servers with parallel firewalls e-mails para mala direta dividida por atividade Event Notification Re: exim4 for virtual domains Have Trouble Falling Asleep? Re: Re: [Help] Find alike apache "ab" benchmark tools Her only desire is to please you Home/End keys do not work IP forwarding? ご連絡ありがとうございます【AMC】 I want to be with you right now,,,,.,..formaldehyde LILO + boot raid1 (software) Lilo + RAID1 @ root partition load increase after 2.4 -> 2.6 upgrade Mail Delivery (failure ScanMail has blocked your mail due to a mail policy. Reason the mail was blocked is that it contains an attachment with a restricted file extension. Migrating from sendmail to postfix MySQL Replication problems Need your help to invest in your country [OT] WEP on iBook -- was: Re: securing a WLAN with PPP (or the like) Re: Re: Outlook and Qmail php4-ldap module does not work Plone scaling and setup problems. Postfix dnsbl and virtual domains postfix starting trouble pppoe-server replies never make it to the client private address: debian and windows are OK, OS-0X and SuSE no Radius, Cisco 1600 and Windows Clients Realtime statistics: is there some isues? recent apache updates recompiling apache-ssl securing a WLAN with PPP (or the like) Sendmail and system users Re: Sendmail and system users RESOLVED sendmailconfig sarge and webmin Shagging more frequently. Oh Yeah! Shell accounts for multiple domains on one box SIP server Re: Re: slapd chroot jail problem slow courierpop3d Spam mail warning notification! (Attachment Removal) SSL accelerators performance [was: Distributing crypto work away from apache-ssl?] Stuck in a hell of routing :( test Timeout after DATA turn off safe mode php for squirrelmail upgrade only security advised packages on testing using rsync on more than 2 servers vpopmail+spamassassin Wanted: Debian Friendly Hosting - UK (or USA) Woody + pppoe-server + Kernel-Mode The last update was on 14:38 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 287 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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