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Re: Radius, Cisco 1600 and Windows Clients

Dear Christian,

Thanks for your answer. I thought in PPPoE... Even though I couldn't implement it in a
1600, could you give some ideas about how to configure it?


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> Jesse Molina wrote:
> > Ah, everything just got much more complicated.
> >
> > You are going to need an authentication and access control system.
> > Something like you would use in an Internet Cafe or wireless access
> > point or something. A lot depends upon your equipment, the goals of
> > the solution, and budget.
> >
> Perhaps authenticating all users by a PPPoE session could be an option?
> I've done it with a 3600' cisco to offer a compatible interface to former
> dsl users (without modem). AFAIK its not possible with a 1600.
> Christian
> > On Mon, Mar 14, 2005 at 01:35:13PM -0300, Agust?n Ciciliani wrote:
> >
> >>Dear Jesse,
> >>Let me tell you all the idea then...
> >>I'm working for an ISP, so the top goal for us would be that we could authenticate the
> >>user by IP, MAC, username and password, and only if all this is correct for that
> >>we allow him to access Internet, but with all services (ftp, ssh, web, pop3, smtp,
> >>no just http. Something else that we need is to allow him just for some time, lets say
> >>example during the night, or for an hour...
> >>
> >>We don't care what kind of packets our users will traffic. We only want to control if
> >>is able to access all the Internet or not and for how much time...
> >>
> >>I thought in freeradius because I can mantein the clients data in a mysql database and
> >>I could read my network has all what it's needed, but if you say I have to use
> >>else you are the expert here!
> >>Let me say that I'm really gratefull for your help! I hope we can make all this work.
> >>Thanks again,
> >>
> >>Agustin
> >>
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