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Re: Shell accounts for multiple domains on one box

On Wed, Mar 23, 2005 at 08:36:53PM -0500, Stephen R Laniel wrote:

> What's the canonical solution (I assume there must be one by
> now) for hosting multiple domains on one machine if you
> allow shell access? I'd like this to be as transparent to

ROTFL, the canonical solution for shell access!!!

The canonical solution is do not offer it, eg "What's a shell?"

Virtual machines will do what you want.  But the price of
a box and colo is so low that it's not worth burning the
brain cells.

OTOH, if you have users that are demanding shell access, then
you have unusual users, so there is no generic solution.

IBM offered virtual servers like that a couple of years
back for free test period.  You might get some information
on their web site about it.  It was their z-series.  Developers
could get root access on a virtual machine; if I recall the
real machines were supposed to be able to service thousands of
virtual machines.


> the user as possible. Ideally, every service they run would
> be domain-aware: sshing to larry@foo.com would produce a
> different result than sshing to larry@domain.com. Likewise
> for imapd, their MTA, Apache and so forth.
> Also, I'd like larry@domain.com to have home directory
> /home/domain.com/larry, and for all users within domain.com
> to only have access to other directories under
> /home/domain.com; perhaps all users within domain.com would
> be members of the group 'domain.com'.
> Finally, can the folks on this list point me to any good
> books/websites for those of us who already know our Linux
> very well, but are just getting started with these sorts
> of scaling issues?
> Thanks very much,
> Steve
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