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Re: SSL accelerators performance [was: Distributing crypto work away from apache-ssl?]

Marcin Owsiany wrote:

We did consider such option, however, it does not seem to be
cost-effective. The only parameter that I was able to extract from the
marketing gibberish on web pages of producers of such cards is the
mysterious "ssl transactions per second". Of course "ssl transactions
per second" doesn't mean anything, unless provided with some additional
statistacal infomation, which is of course missing. From other pieces of
information I found on their web pages, I could figure out that the
number represents the number of 1024 bit block RSA encryptions per

It depends on the card manufacturer, I suppose.

Another solution would be to run an apache front-end server with mod_proxy enabled and use it as an ssl end-point. I used such a combination, it worked nice, but I can't tell you how many clients per second it served because I hadn't monitored that aspect (the customer was interested to see it work asap)

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