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Re: securing a WLAN with PPP (or the like)

martin f krafft wrote:
also sprach Blair L Strang <bls@totalinfosecurity.com> [2005.03.07.0038 +0100]:

I notice you tried pppoe-server.  Why not come over to the dark side
and use PPTP? ;-P

Well, if it works, fine by me. It does introduce another layer and
thus more overhead, but hey... well, actually I'd prefer there to be
no IP traffic at all...

PPTP works for me, and is reasonably simple to set up on the server side. Most
importantly, it is trivial for even naive Windows users to configure on the client
side.  This is the primary benefit.



M-x yow: I wonder if I should put myself in ESCROW!!

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