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Re: Shell accounts for multiple domains on one box

On Wed, Mar 23, 2005 at 10:55:59PM -0500, cfm@maine.com wrote:
> IBM offered virtual servers like that a couple of years
> back for free test period.  You might get some information
> on their web site about it.  It was their z-series.  Developers
> could get root access on a virtual machine; if I recall the
> real machines were supposed to be able to service thousands of
> virtual machines.

I don't know if I need anything that serious. Basically, all
I need right now is to allow the following: if there's a
user jeff@foo.com and a user jeff@bar.com, we won't run into
troubles, because the system will somehow be domain-aware.

I could get rid of shell access and go with
postfix/exim/pick-your-MTA virtual mail domains, then use
Apache virtual web domains and so forth. But I wonder if I
could get that last bill of shell love.

I'm sure there's some hackish way to write a script that,
say, looks at the form of the username I'm creating, parses
it into a username and a domain name, and creates the
corresponding /home/domain/user directory, but I was hoping
there was some more professional-grade approach.

Thanks for any words of wisdom you can pass along.

Stephen R. Laniel
+(617) 308-5571

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