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[Thread Index] [Date Index] [Author Index] [Other Debian Lists] [Debian Home] now mirroring official cd test images 2.1r6 where? Application compatibility with Debian ARM support in debian-cd => need help ! Attempted upgrade Attempted upgrade from 1.3.1 australian mirror of potato test ISO images availability of current TESTING CDs. base-contents.txt (was Re: Clean patches for Credit Card CD) Boot floppies okay? (was Re: First Test Cycle starts today) Bootable Business Card CD's Both Upgrades and New Installs? DVD Necessary? CD and installation document mismatch cd images @ no powerpc CD top-level README Changes Clean patches for Credit Card CD Contents for potato/main/upgrade-i386 Credit Card CD Credit Card ISO image at credit card patches for debian-cd CVS debian-cd and potato debian-cd CVS trouble (was Re: Large changes to debian-cd => please test ! ) Re: CVS trouble (was Re: Large changes to debian-cd => please test ! ) CVS Update: debian-cd CVS updated again for PPC booting debian .raw cd format debian-cd Debian-cd & m68k Debian-cd 2.2.0 uploaded Re: Disk copy and dd image files -- howto Error on everything... Errors on image creation... Everyone please compile a static apt & dpkg ;-) Final Debian-cd, porters, ... The first CD Getting .list files for potato Re: Getting .list files for potato (was FW: Burning Potato CD) Headless Installation HELP! How I can find Update of binary-i386-?.list Info needed on potato i386 bootable binary-only building initial modconf fails Re: ITP seahorse Large changes to debian-cd => please test ! Linux v. Microsoft MD5SUMS Linuxcare: Bootable Business Card Re: Live file systems local filesystem Re: Main depending on non-US/main Re: Mass install / Autoinstall Mass install / Autoinstall (Was: Re: Debian vs Red Hat??? I need info.) meta-packages minor bug in "du" size calculator in missing? More on Bootable Business Card CD's Re: More packages installed today Need to customize installation flags passed to dbootstrap New APT Re: New APT (1.1.19 uploaded) non-US Packages odd image builds Official test-cycle-1 images! Patch: Set boot options for dbootstrap + CreditCardCD please help me to download the cd-image potato cd Potato images and mirror Potato ISO non-bootable potato/powerpc build Re: PowerPC boot support... Problem making bootable cd images with debian-cd !!! Pseudo-Image Re: pseudo-image program README.devel Recent CD built from CVS rsync is back. rsync mirrors rsync server vanished size of image test cd images test-cycle-1 CD's debian-cd diff Testing CD images (was Re: ITP seahorse) Unable to burn ISO image Unidentified subject! UPGRADING procedures available - buzz to potato at once! The last update was on 09:27 GMT Sat May 11. There are 306 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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